Spiritual Tools

Want help navigating life in a way that means it’s fulfilling even when it’s hard? Us, too! That’s why we talk about and practice using spiritual tools as much as we do. In each of our podcast episodes, we tackle a different topic. Plus, we’ll share the spiritual tools we’re using to walk through our lives with compassion and integrity (and hopefully also a sense of humor). The tools we link on this page range from helpful articles to guided meditations from our favorite spiritual teachers. You’ll also find resources for mental health from professionals. Thank goodness we don’t have to figure out life alone! Let’s do it together.

We are so grateful for tools! Why? Because we don’t have to will our way through life using our old and often harmful coping strategies. Instead, we get to relax into the flow of life and let it carry us through. Seriously, aren’t we all exhausted enough to let someone else be in charge for a minute? Omg.

Are Spiritual Tools For You?

If the habitual ways of getting by aren’t working so well for you, maybe try picking up one of these tools and testing it out? When we were finally exhausted enough, we started to experiment with growing spiritually. As a result, each of us got a whole lot more than we bargained for. That’s why we want to share our experiences and the practices that have helped us. Hopefully, these spiritual tools can help you on your journey, too. We hope they serve as a stepping stone for you in finding the soothing relief you need—whether it’s a mental health resource or a shiny, new tool for your spiritual toolbox. 

So, we talk about spiritual tools kind of a lot. Why? Because we’ve found that they’re so vital and integral to our growth as human beings. They give us new ways to approach areas where we’re stuck. Most of  all, they allow a little more of the sunlight to shine into our souls. And, even when hard emotional work is involved, they provide the ease and relief we’ve been so desperate for. So, come on, join us! Check out the resources we have listed below and, please, pretty please, share your tools with us. Have some great tools that you’d like others to know about? You can always reach us via our contact page. Please share what’s working (or not working) for you. Thanks, sweet spiritual friends! We love you.

Buddhist Teachings:

What Is Zazen? – Shinchi Linda Galijan via SFZC

Breath Counting Shikantaza  Myogen Steve Stucky via SFZC

Dharma Talk on Anger – Darlene Cohen via AudioDharma.org 

 Awakening Through Anger – Tara Brach

We Are What We Think – Tricycle Magazine

Letting Go – Jack Kornfield 

Meditation on Lovingkindness – Jack Kornfield 

Secular Spirituality:

The Language of Letting Go – Melodie Beattie via Hazelden

My Stroke of Insight – Jill Bolte Taylor via TED

Psychology and
Mental Health:

Future Self Journaling – The Holistic Psychologist 

What Is Dissociation? – Carolyn Spring

Dealing with Anger – Psychology Today

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – National Alliance on Mental Illness

PTSD Hotline – (800) 950-NAMI (6264)

The Miracle Question – Psychology Today

What Are Personal Boundaries – Darlene Lancer via PsychCentral

 Virtual Addiction – Center for Internet and Technology Addiction

Pet Loss – PeaceforPets.net

Avoidance Coping – Verywell Mind

Holotropic Breathwork – Verywell Mind

Emotional Resilience – Verywell Mind

Expectations Management – Psychology Today

Window of Tolerance – GoodTherapy

Half of Us – HalfofUs.com

What Is Jealousy? – Psychology Today

Spiritual Bypassing – John Welwood with Tina Fossella

ABC Model for Self-Awareness – Liberationist.org

The Importance of Play – BrainWorld Magazine

List of Feelings – Hoffman Institute

and Relationships

Needs Inventory –  The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Feelings Inventory – The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Codependency – GoodTherapy.org


Bored and Brilliant –  New York Public Radio

How to Stop Procrastinating  – James Clear 

Pomodoro Technique – TheMuse.com

Using a Reverse To-Do List –  LifeHacker

Spiritual Bypassing – John Welwood with Tina Fossella