Hi, spiritual friendies! We’re so excited you’re here. This is our episodes page, where you can listen to all of our recordings. Get started by clicking on an episode name below to listen on our site. Or if you’d prefer to listen elsewhere, scroll down and click one of the orange buttons to listen on iTunes, Google Play, Insight Timer, Podbean, and Stitcher

In each episode, we’ll dive into a topic we’re working with or a place where we want to grow. Sometimes the topics can be challenging, for example, learning how to forgivecoping with depressionhealing around codependency, or overcoming fear. On the other hand, we also explore more general themes, like whether meditation workshow to prayfreedom from procrastination, and letting go of expectations . But don’t worry. We’ll  also keep it real with topics like spirituality at workbreaking bad habits, and how to practice gratitude (even if you don’t feel grateful).

First, we’ll introduce the topic and discuss what it looks like in our lives. After that, we’ll each share a spiritual tool that’s helping us to find our way through. We’ve compiled a list of resources we’ve shared in our episodes on the tools page, so check those out when you get a chance. 

We talk about such a wide range of topics because we want to bring spirituality into all aspects of our lives. For us, spirituality is about meeting the messy, challenging parts of life with full support. In other words, we’re definitely humans and that’s why we need spirituality that works for human beings living human lives. Above all, our intention is to make a space for a spiritual community that supports all of us in ongoing spiritual growth. Why? Well, the way we see it, spirituality belongs to everyone. Since we’re on this broad and inclusive spiritual journey with you, we might as well lean on each other and keep growing together. Come on and join us!