Episode 40:
Spiritual Awakenings

How to Have a Spiritual Experience

Today on Pretty Spiritual Podcast, we’re talking about spiritual awakenings. If you feel overwhelmed or confused or intimidated, we can totally understand. We weren’t sure what people meant when they talked about spiritual experiences until it happened to us.

No, a spiritual awakening doesn’t necessarily involve a white light, burning bush, or celestial fanfare. (But no disrespect if it did… in fact, we might get a little jealous!) It turns out we get to decide for ourselves what constitutes a spiritual awakening.

Since we get to make sense of our own spiritual life, there’s no one path to our personal destination. For some of us, these moments are dramatic and well-defined. And for others, they might be slow and almost imperceptible changes. A spiritual awakening can feel like a big moment or a slow change over the course of our lifetime.

What is Spirituality?

In episode 40, we’ll share our personal experiences with spiritual awakenings. They look different for each of us, which means they’ll probably look different for you. It can feel a little unnerving to suddenly realize that making sense of spirituality is up to us. But isn’t it also kinda cool?

This means that your spiritual journey is specially tailored to your unique sensitivities, sense of humor, and personal understanding. One of our favorite things is the sweet feeling of an inside joke with a higher power all our own. 

So if you’re struggling to make sense of your own spirituality or feeling far away from what used to feel sacred, we can relate. We hope that this episode can help spark some curiosity or connection inside your heart.

Finding the Path Forward 

When we’re searching for spiritual connection, it can help to hold questions or inquiries open to the great goodness in the universe. We love questions like these: Where does it feel safe and warm? What moves you? Where do you feel like the universe is giving you a little wink? When do you feel the most present and alive? What does your heart or spirit long for? What helps you feel the most at home with life? You can trust yourself to find the path.

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience, we encourage you to ask questions (or, dare we say, “pray?”) Then, listen for answers to those questions (we hear some people call this “meditation“). The universe might whisper, so listen carefully. You’re asking yourself, what is spirituality? But maybe a more answerable question is: what is spirituality to you? Search inside yourself and see what you find!

Then get in touch and let us know what spiritual awakening means to you. How does spiritual experience show up in your life? Please share your experiences and tools with us. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Insight Timer, Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, Podbean, and Stitcher (or our Contact page) and share your feelings, thoughts, and anything else! Thanks for listening to our spiritual podcasts. We love ya!