Episode 37:

Money Matters

This week your spiritual bffs are talking about money. We’ll give you all a moment to stampede away and  then another moment to let the dust settle. Anyone still with us? To those of you who are still here, get ready for the uncomfortable fun ahead! Though it’s often something we’d rather deny or avoid, we’re looking at our relationships with money in today’s episode. 

More than just looking at financial stress, we’re digging deep to uncover our core attitudes about enough. Money isn’t good or bad. It’s just a mutual agreement, a neutral tool. But it’s one place our limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality can get triggered big time. We often end up assigning our core beliefs about life to our financial lives.

What does this look like? Some of us with scarcity mindset think we’ll never have enough. Some of us mistake money for love. Others think that just a little more will make us feel safe. And still others are so afraid to even look at money that we bury our heads in the sand and wait for someone to come rescue us from financial responsibility

So if the idea of looking directly at your money problems feels scary, we can totally relate. We’ve been putting this episode off for weeks now! But today we’re finally willing to look at our financial situations with some spiritual perspective and a bunch of great tools.

Attitudes About Enough

Are you experiencing financial stress? Does it feel uncomfortable or downright dangerous to look at the relationship you have with money and the attitudes or beliefs that sustain it? Don’t worry, we’ll walk through all the scary stuff together!

After sharing a little about our own financial issues and the money behaviors that exemplify our patterns, we’ll share the tools that are helping bring this whole messy process into awareness. We’ll look at simple ways to bring awareness to our finances that will decrease anxiety and increase integrity. We’ll talk about the attitudes that help us adopt an abundance mindset rather than a fear of not enough. Join in the fun and listen now!

We are always looking for more tools, so please reach out and share yours with us. What’s helping you take responsibility for your finances and look at money with a spiritual perspective? Share yourself and your tools with the spiritual community so we can all heal together.

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