Episode 32:
Attitude of Gratitude

Happiness is a choice… wait, what?

This week your spiritual besties are talking about what it’s like to choose an… attitude of gratitude. Did you just vomit a little bit in your mouth and have to swallow it? Don’t worry, we can relate. If talk of gratefulness still makes you a little queasy, we made episode 32 just for you!

If you’re struggling with being grateful, we have definitely been there. What happens when we’re resisting this attitude? Often we’re judging what’s here or grasping after something we think could change how we feel. 

That’s why we’re so curious about what is here when gratitude is not? And how can we prime our hearts for gratitude when they feel totally shut down? That’s right, friends. This is an honest and human account of how to choose a positive attitude when it feels like the last house on the block. 

So, what is gratitude, really? Maybe it doesn’t have to feel cloying or inauthentic. How does that happen? We can search our own hearts and minds for something we can genuinely appreciate. To choose happiness doesn’t mean we pretend we’re not in pain when we are; it means that we look for what gifts might be inside the pain. 

How to be Grateful

That’s why we think it’s so important to talk about how to seek gratitude when it feels really far away. We’ll share how our thinking and attitudes have changed based on gratitude practice. When we act as if happiness is a choice and we keep choosing it, we’ll find a tool to sustain us through real life.

Wondering how to practice gratitude in a way that feels authentic? We love how perspective-shifting can open up our hearts to being grateful for what’s here right now.  We’ll share all of our favorite tools, including writing gratitude lists, exploring our values and intentions, and watching the way our perspective changes when we make friends with what’s here right now.

It’s work to choose gratitude and it’s okay to not be happy about that! Perhaps we can look for the places in our life where we’re being stretched emotionally, spiritually, and physically as a means of spiritual growth. 

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