Episode 28:

How to Overcome Fear

What Causes Fear?

Today we’re talking about how to overcome fear. To start, what is fear? We’ll borrow this definition: an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. How does it look different in our minds and bodies? How do our bodies respond physically to threats? And what do we add in terms of mental anxiety, past trauma, and learned behaviors?

We’ll start by looking at what causes us to feel afraid. Since it’s a natural and necessary experience, we want to use it as the wise and appropriate indicator it is. In balanced nervous systems, we have the ability to draw on appropriate responses to being afraid. These are things like fight, flight, freeze, fawn, and fatigue. But if we’ve been traumatized and have a history of living in fear, we may get stuck in disordered coping patterns.

That’s why we’ll dive into fear of the future, fear of change, and the way trauma and PTSD can manifest as feeling scared (and believing these feelings represent the truth.) Even though feeling afraid is a subjective event, we hope our accounts can help you walk through your own experiences with spiritual support.

Want to learn more about overcoming fear? Come join the party as we share tools that help us relate wisely and kindly to what scares us. We’ll look at how writing down a fears list can help us shift our perspective, as well as breath work that allows us to settle our bodies during difficult moments. Plus, we’ll share how saying a prayer for fear can help us wake up the deep source of compassion that lives inside our hearts. 

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