Episode 27:

Overcoming Procrastination

Why Do We Procrastinate?

This time, we’re taking a nice, long look at avoidance behavior and tools for overcoming procrastination. Rather put off listening to this episode until later? We get it! So, what is procrastination? James Clear defines it as “the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks” and calls it “the force that prevents you from following through on what you set out to do.” No matter our personal flavor, we all relate to this phenomenon.

And, come on, avoidant coping makes sense. If there’s something uncomfortable to do, our brains think we can avoid the discomfort by just avoiding the thing. The problem? Our mounting anxiety, plus the lingering sense that we’re not safe and can’t trust ourselves. And then there are the mental gymnastics involved in avoidance and the fatigue that goes along with them.

In episode 27, we’ll open up about our histories of avoidant coping. Yes, this includes how we procrastinate around work, financial responsibility, and, our personal fave, that deep soul work. Um, can we please just do it later?

Are you struggling with this behavior? Wondering, why do I procrastinate? Let’s look at how to overcome procrastination with spiritual tools. And hey, it’s okay if how to not procrastinate at all seems like too tall an order. Just for today, we can work at overcoming procrastination with the help of spiritual principles.

We’ll share how transparency and accountability can help us get into action. Plus, we’ll look at action inertia and how building positive habits can support us in our daily lives. And, yeah, we’ll even address that deep soul work by looking at underlying fears and core beliefs. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Insight Timer, Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, Podbean, and Stitcher (or our Contact page) and share your experience!