Episode 24:

Trust Yourself

What Is Intuition?

Not quite sure how to trust yourself? Do the words trust yourself seem laughable or downright dangerous? We feel ya. Many of us don’t know how to listen to our gut feeling or tap into our intuition. As a result, we spend years shoving that quiet heart whisper down and attempting to drown it out with cell phone obsession, spending money, food, substances, and whatever else.

In episode 24, your spiritual best friends dive into the ever-elusive topic of spiritual intuition, how to trust yourself, and how to listen to your gut. We provide real time examples of what intuitive thinking looks like (or doesn’t!). We talk about the spiritual tools we’re experimenting with to help us better hear our truth.

If you’re someone who lives from your head and not your heart, learning new ways to connect your body and your mind can feel daunting. Again, we can relate! That’s because all three of us have spent years tamping down our intuitive thinking.

What would life be like if we softened into our experience and made space for what our instincts were telling us? What is intuition and is it even possible to trust this gentle inner guidance? As we talk about our own experiences we also share our tools for connecting with intuition. They range from clunky practice (on baby giraffe legs) to quiet moments of meditation and reflection. Join us, as we investigate what it means to trust ourselves and our tender adventures along the way. 

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