Episode 14:

Coping with Stress

Letting Go Of Stress:


Feeling stressed? We can definitely understand, since it’s kinda the pace of the world we live in. We are busy with work, relationships, spiritual development, health, self-improvement, success, and all the rest of it. Not to mention any of the difficult events or circumstances that catch us off guard. How do we make time to let go of all that and come back to center? If you’re wondering how to calm anxiety and emotional stress in your life, we’ve got some ideas.

In episode 14 your spiritual bffs dive into the topic headfirst. Most of us have stress in our lives, so how can we learn to make friends with it? Want to learn how to relax your mind, especially when tensions are high? Come join in the fun!

We’ll talk about ways to deal with stress and let you know about our most effective stress management techniques. We’ll focus on in-the-moment meditation and mindfulness for anxiety and stress. Plus, we’ll also share where we’re struggling, how we stress out, and our reactive stress responses. 

Let’s Learn How to Destress

But don’t worry! We’ll also share practical suggestions for how to calm yourself down when you’re in the thick of it. We’ll spend plenty of time talking through the spiritual tools we pick when we need ways to destress. We’ll describe what it looks like to take spiritual action around anxiety in real time. Why? So we can all learn to pick up spiritual tools in the midst of the big and little stressors.

Do you suffer with chronic stress? Let us know what it’s like for you and what has been helping! From meditation and prayer, to professional help and support animals, there are so many different approaches when it comes to how to calm nerves. Please let us know your go-to solutions and how they’re working in your life.  

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