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Like what you see (and hear)? We’re so glad! We welcome any and all donations to our spiritual passion project. We offer our podcast freely and are so excited that you listen. If you want to express your support, you can click the donate button above. Thank you so much for helping us make this spiritual podcast happen!

We started Pretty Spiritual Podcast in July 2018, recording on a smartphone in Ella’s tiny closet. We laughed and experimented our way through that first episode, surrounded by velvet clothes and saucy shoes. We’ve since come out of the closet and into Ella’s living room, where each week we set up a home recording studio. We purchased a legit sound board (that we taught ourselves to use), have headphones, use mic stands, have microphones, attach tons of cables before each recording, and—most recently—bought equipment to make more videos.

We do all our own editing on GarageBand, and we each spend 7-10 hours per week preparing for, recording, editing, and working on Pretty Spiritual Podcast. The beauty of a try-pod is that if one of us is low energy or lacking confidence one week, we have two other teammates to carry the effort through. We work together and support each other and put in so much more than just our time. We put our hearts into each episode.

Thanks for All Your Support

And you know what? We love it. This is a true labor of love. Our goal from the start has been to be of service and speak honestly and vulnerably about how we are attempting to navigate the world using spiritual tools. And you know what? It seems like you—our listening community—connects with what we share. We are so grateful every time we read your feedback on our podcasts. You mean so much to us. 

If you’re moved to express your support by donating, we appreciate it! Our hope is to continue growing and continue expanding the ways we provide meaningful content to you. That can mean spending more time each week on the podcast or investing in new equipment or even getting professional training to learn new podcasting tools. 

Whether you’re able to donate or not, we’re so glad you’re here. We love you! Spiritual tools will always be free and generously shared across cultures, countries, languages, and lives. Thank you so much for your support and for helping us make this podcast happen.