Sharing Our spiritual Journey to Empower yours



Living a spiritual life is messy and imperfect—at least for us. Pretty Spiritual Podcast isn’t about candles, mystics or robes. Instead, we use humor, vulnerability, and hard-won experience to share how we bring spiritual tools into our daily lives. We want our listeners to feel like they’re in a conversation with their spiritual best friends—laughter, tears, and all. Our hope is that listeners can find tools for living in each of our episodes and maybe even try them out!

While we’d love to consider this one of the best podcasts for women, we try to  be inclusive of anyone on a spiritual path. We think spirituality belongs to everyone and we want to encourage you to discover what makes sense for you. We hope that by opening up this conversation we create space for you to ask your deepest self, what does spiritual mean to me?


Are you looking for a podcast on spiritual growth? We hope we can help! We’ll try to bring you a new 30-minute episode each week. You can find our episode feed here. Each week we discuss a topic that relates to our shared human condition. 

We’ll broach topics like: what spirituality means to usdeathcoping with anxietydismantling perfectionismundressing body imageself-love, creating a daily spiritual routine, how to say noforgivenessletting go of angerhealthy boundaries, and so many more. Want to hear about something? Let us know by getting in touch on our Contact page.

We currently take turns “producing” our Pretty Spiritual Podcast episodes. This means the person who selects the topic for that week creates an outline for the episode and guides the conversation while we’re recording. Each of tells our own anecdotes, so the stories are unique and personal to each of us. 

Also, the producer edits the episode they lead. In this way, we take equal ownership in idea creation, conversation leadership, and post-production. And yes, we are self-taught in audio editing, so thanks for being patient with us. 


Each episode follows a similar structure. After our 30 second intro, the producer introduces the week’s topic. There’s playful and (gosh, we hope!) witty banter about the topic and the general tone it evokes for us as a group.  Then the episode’s producer leads us into sharing our personal experiences around that specific topic for several minutes each. There may be a comment or two during each person’s share, but there are never multiple speakers vying to talk at the same time.  

After we’ve each finished sharing our personal experience, the producer invites us to share the spiritual tools we are using to resolve or cope with the episode’s topic. Each person, in turn, shares the tool(s) they are currently experimenting with and what it’s like to pick up the tool in the midst of daily life. 

We’ll end by teasing the next week’s topic and providing a way for listeners to connect with us. Although the basic format of Pretty Spiritual Podcast is the same each week, our personal stories as they relate to the topic vary so much (as do the spiritual tools we are using to address the issue), that each week’s episode feels fresh and new. Welcome to the party.


Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and to get to know us. We are incredibly grateful for all of your loving feedback, generous donations, and ongoing support. We hope that we can carve out a safe and all-inclusive online community for anyone who seeks to live each day with a loving heart and open mind. 

And it’s our intention in creating this podcast on spiritual growth to live by example. We can take refuge in spiritual practice and principles in a way that transforms our lives into something totally miraculous and also just… ordinary. We’re so humbled and gratified to walk this path with all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being here and for believing in love, community, and spiritual growth.

Pretty Spiritual Podcast founders having fun